An Invitation to Participate and Close the Compliance Gap between UN SDG Commitments and Action

The Center for Global Agenda (CGA) at Unbuilt Labs recommends directing private sector impact investment funds and efforts to close the gap between UN SDG commitments and action. Join the CGA in co-creating guidelines today.

The Center for Global Agenda (CGA) at Unbuilt Labs is leading the global stakeholder consultation for the Recommended UN Action Plan to Close the Compliance Gap, a publication at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Action Plan CCG will recommend directing impact investment funds and efforts towards four main areas of diplomacy — Area 1: Cultural Diplomacy, Area 2: Science Diplomacy, Area 3: Preventive Diplomacy, and Area 4: Disaster Diplomacy, with five specific themes within each of the areas. Anyone may now submit a public statement, and organizations that wish to co-host 1 or 2 workshops and co-create guidelines with CGA are encouraged to apply for consultative status. More details are available here.

At a time when what doing good means constantly changes, we can recommend with a significantly higher degree of certainty that these methods will align non-state actor initiatives from the private sector, academia, or civil society, with sustainable development and the UN SDGs.

The Action Plan is rooted in the theory and practice of global diplomacy: the set of methods, principles, and actions to achieve the common interests of the global community. It is how stakeholders coordinate across the incredibly complex global landscape and deliver impact.

Below is a tentative list of themes by area —
Area 1: Cultural Diplomacy

  • Theme 1: Media and Information Literacy
  • Theme 2: Art and Design
  • Theme 3: Language, Literature, and Poetry
  • Theme 4: Music
  • Theme 5: Sports Diplomacy

Area 2: Science Diplomacy

  • Theme 6: Science Communications
  • Theme 7: Ethical Research
  • Theme 8: Responsible Technology
  • Theme 9: Living Labs
  • Theme 10: Indigenous Diplomacy

Area 3: Preventive Diplomacy

  • Theme 11: Mental Health
  • Theme 12: International Law Education
  • Theme 13: Women’s Education
  • Theme 14: Social and Political Participation
  • Theme 15: Sustainable Economies

Area 4: Disaster Diplomacy

  • Theme 16: Strategic Foresight
  • Theme 17: Youth Diplomacy
  • Theme 18: Academics and Researchers
  • Theme 19: Vulnerable Populations
  • Theme 20: Disaster Risk Reduction

Together with your support, we will co-create guidelines for 5 non-state actor stakeholder groups in each of the respective Themes during the global stakeholder consultation process.

(A) IOs, NGOs, INGOs
(B) Academia
© Civil Society
(D) MNCs
(E) Startups and New Ventures

We invite everyone — whether you are an individual or an organization — to participate in the global stakeholder consultation process. Anyone can now submit a public statement. Organizations that wish to co-host 1 or 2 workshops with us can also apply for consultative status with the Center for Global Agenda (CGA) at Unbuilt Labs. Thank you for your time and your support.

We strongly encourage historically underrepresented people and communities to participate in the process.
Details are available here:

Please feel free to join in the conversation on Linkedin as well:

Media contact
Marvin Cheung
Co-Director, Center for Glo.bal Agenda (CGA)
Director, Venture Strategy Group (VSG)
Unbuilt Labs



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