Collaborate with the Center for Global Agenda (CGA) at Unbuilt Labs to Recommend a New UN Action Plan

We are inviting individuals and organizations to co-create guidelines with us on the Recommended UN Action Plan to Close the Compliance Gap.

We want to empower the leaders of tomorrow to lead confidently and competently in the next wave of the sustainability transformation.”

— Marguerite Van Cook, CGA Co-Director

NEW YORK, US, April 4, 2022 / — The Center for Global Agenda (CGA) at Unbuilt Labs will host the research, workshops, and global stakeholder consultation process for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) publication “Recommended UN Action Plan to Close the Compliance Gap (CCG)”.

We would like to provide more information on the project following a wonderful initial response. The CCG research project examines how we can close the compliance gap between political commitment and action. It examines the commonalities within the SDGs and asks a few questions:
(1) What action items can we recommend with a reasonable degree of certainty?
(2) How can non-state actors (people in the private sector, academia, or the everyday person) foster political will and accelerate sustainable development?
(3) How can we make sure countries do not experience significant fallout because of the large-scale changes necessary for sustainable development, of which climate action is a part?

This project identifies an infrastructure layer, including three pillars
(1) increasing global participation and breaking silos
(2) building resilience and responsible disruption, and
(3) just transition

The project also identifies four areas of diplomacy to direct impact investment funds and efforts, as well as five themes within each area.

It has been nearly ten years since ESG and the SDGs were first formulated and non-state actors such as the private sector, academia, and civil society need a clearer direction. We invite cutting-edge individuals, firms, and academics to take a bold step forward with us and reimagine the future of what it means to be a responsible actor.

Individuals and organizations are invited to submit official statements, which will be made available in our public archives. Organizations that wish to co-host 1–2 workshops with us between April and July 2022 and support the co-creation of the guidelines are encouraged to apply for consultative status with the Center for Global Agenda (CGA). We would also like to invite individuals and organizations who may be interested in sponsoring workshops to reach out.

We strongly encourage historically underrepresented people and communities to participate in the process.

Details are available here:

Please feel free to join in the conversation on Linkedin as well:

Media contact
Marvin Cheung
Co-Director, Center for Global Agenda (CGA)
Director, Venture Strategy Group (VSG)
Unbuilt Labs



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